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Here is the list of all social media platforms we are present:



Most of our members are on facebook and we have group there with currently about 130 members. We post our blog posts there at the group and we collect images and manage events. We have not uploaded videos yet, cause they are embedded from YouTube. We want to get in the facebook API so we can do it automatically is in progress. We have a first prototype for the integration on group level. All members sync our feed to their profile pages automatically. Newsletter to the group.


Almost all members are registered at XING. 160 members in our group ... Blog posts go manually to the forum there. event mangement ... Our RSS feed is embedded at the group page. Newsletter.


Our wordpress is posting directly to twitter for every blog post. We write some tweets from time to time and reply to requests, do some discussion. We are following 180 members and 100 follow us.


We have to work on this. Some of our members are registered. We have a group with 10 members.


We publish our video podcast here. Here we cover conferences and events. We will release a lot of material soon.


Our RSS feed gets parsed and all links will be saved at Delicious and tagged according to the blog post.


Here we document our projects with photos and short videos.


We hope somebody will save our URL there ...


is providing our official RSS feed and email subscription to it. TODO: integrate e-mail subscribe form to home page ...

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