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Current chair

Florian Sturm, Chairman, email.gif xing.gif fb.gif linkedin.gif

born in 1984, working in the business intelligence sector and as social media consultant. Has a Master in Business Informatics from the University of Vienna and is especially interested in ICT4D research and applications. He has experience with Java EE programming, web design (AJAX, CSS, XML, web services) and various CMSs (Joomla!, Wordpress, Drupal).

Isabella Wagner, Vice-chairwoman email.gif fb.gif xing.gif linkedin.gif

graduated in the field of Media Management and is now studying Science-Technology-Society and International Development at the University of Vienna. Her contribution is from a sociological and media science's point of view, but she also offers support in PR issues and fundraising. Alongside she works for the international exchange organisation YFU and at the Centre for Social Innovation ZSI as a fellow researcher.

Founding Members

Martin Tomitsch, email.gif twitter.gif xing.gif linkedin.gif

born in 1978, interaction designer, is especially interested in the application of interactive technologies in unsought contexts to improve everyday situations. He has a PhD in Informatics (in the area of human-computer interaction) from the Vienna University of Technology. He has taught courses on user interface design and usability engineering at the Vienna University of Technology. Since 2009 he is working as lecturer in design computing at The University of Sydney. His interests include prototyping, evaluation, and contextual user studies.

Martin Konzett email.gif twitter.gif xing.gif fb.gif

born in 1978, is a software architect and software developer focusing on web / mobile applications. As an early adopter he mostly worked with start-ups in various industries. He also lectured Web Engineering at the Vienna University of Technology. In ICT4D, he dedicates most of his efforts to initiatives in software engineering, entrepreneurial incubation and arts.

Also Florian Sturm, currently Chairman, is a Founding Member.

Directing Members (in alphabetical order)

Anders Bolin email.gif twitter.gif linkedin.gif

born in Sweden 1973. Working as an independent film producer and publisher for UZI Magazine and is a freelance editor. Educated at the Swedish School of Television in Gothenburg, Documentary film in Umeå, Media and Information Studies and Latin American Studies at the University of Gothenburg. Working in Final Cut and DVD Studio Pro.

Fritz Grabo email.gif

born in 1979, working as a software engineer and lecturer with a focus on Java EE and Web Programming since several years. Has a degree in Media Technologies from the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences and is currently working on another master thesis for his studies at the Vienna University of Technology. Now looking forward to procras^D^D^D to use his technical and educational know-how in a more social context.

Jason Knueppel email.gif fb.gif xing.gif linkedin.gif

born in 1978, currently working as a .Net developer in the hospitality industry in Zell am See, Austria. His continuing interest in working in developing countries has gotten him involved in ICT4D and is currently responsible for the coordination of teachers for the Zanzibits project.

Joanna Knueppel email.gif fb.gif twitter.gif linkedin.gif

born 1978, Honolulu, Hawaii, is currently studying Business/Accounting at the University of Innsbruck and is interested in the financial management of NGOs. In the US she worked as an Immigration Advisor and a Tax Advisor for non-residents. She served two years with the US Peace Corps in Guyana as an Education/Program Coordinator.

Paul Pöltner email.gif fb.gif linkedin.gif

born in 1981, is employed as a junior tax consultant at TPA Horwath and is currently working on his PhD at the University of Technology, Vienna. His field of research is the Future of Internet from the technical and business point of view.

Worlali Senyo email.gif fb.gif linkedin.gif twitter.gif

born in 1983, Worlali grew up in and is currently working in Accra, Ghana, as a Research Analyst providing market intelligence, research, and consultancy on key aspects of Ghana's ICTs and business markets. He is also an advocate for Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), believing it will result in faster technology development through collaborative innovation and ultimate economic development for all. He intends to enroll in a distance learning MSc. Informatics program in Sweden.

Oliver Stern email.gif xing.gif twitter.gif linkedin.gif delicious.gif

born in 1969, Oliver is working as a marketing-consultant for software-application and telecommunication solutions and a co-founder of the open-source-software-society „Bootlab e.V. (“ in Berlin/Germany, famous for several media-projects in the last decade. He studied economics/social sciences in Germany and wrote his master-thesis on „Values of ICT-Systems in Tourism“.

Supporting Members (in alphabetical order)

Daniel Christian Collins Hamm email.gif

Wambura Kimunyu

Karola Riegler

Werner van Staden email.gif twitter.gif fb.gif

Thomas Strasser

Observing Members (in alphabetical order)

Eunyoung Kim, Seoul National University
Ho-Seung Lee, UNIDO
Chang Ho Park, Konicof / ASEAN Millennium Leaders College Student Exchange Program

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