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In the following we publish the description of vacant jobs / lacking competencies we have in

If you want to contribute to our organization and find a field which interests you here, please mail to

Except stated otherwise, we can't provide financial support - so we are looking for volunteers mainly.

Generally we can offer

  • contacts to our extensive international network in ICT4D (research & projects all around the world)
  • possibilities to work in our projects
  • nice colleagues with different backgrounds from all around the world

So here's our "open positions":


Volunteer for YMCA computer lab in The Gambia

Poncelet Ileleji who we got to know at ICTD2010 shared a job offer for volunteers with us which sounds really exciting - so we want to help him find good people.

He is searching for an ICT multimedia volunteer in the YMCA Computer Training Centre & Digital Studio in Banjul, The Gambia. There you will help local youngsters with audio and video production - so you need to be skilled in this sector.

More information on this leaflet: Image:Gambia YMCA Multimedia Volunteer OverviewApril10.doc

Web Designer

We are not 100% content with our page usability, so Oliver Ruhm kindly donated us a remake of the current design. So far, regrettably we didn't find the time to implement it, so we are searching for somebody with the skills and time to do it for us.

In addition to this we are searching for general help for some of our pages (, and for coming projects - creativity is highly appreciated!

Required skills:

  • Web Design (HTML, CSS, CMSs, ...)



As with most NGOs, the main inhibitor for us to start loads of projects and change the world at once is money. We don't have as much as we need and we're not very good at asking for it. If you like fundraising, if you have a large network of people willing to give or if you just like organising events for a good cause we'd be happy to have you in our team.

Required skills:

  • Fundraising
  • Organising events

Support from

  • Subsequent employment in projects which are funded

Research on available grants


As is a non profit organization, to be able to carry out projects, financial support via grants or sponsorships is vital. Our problem is that we often do not know which grants are announces by which institutions. Therefore we search a person who is motivated to use the internet and personal contacts for finding out about such grants and forwarding the information to us.

Required skills:

  • Interest in ICT4D
  • Knowledge about various institutions that announce grants or sponsorships

Support from

  • Generally dependent on grant / sponsorship
  • Subsequent employment in projects that receive grants

Public relations person


As we are focusing a lot on advocacy for ICT4D and would like to get into the media with the work we do, we need to do many marketing and PR activities. However, we all are not too much experienced in this field so our media influence and public reputation could be much boosted by a professional - we think.

Required skills:

  • Experience with PR and marketing

Conference coverage


One very important activity of is the coverage of conferences related to ICT4D worldwide. This, of course, consumes much time and also the travel, accomodation and registration fees are a financial burden for us. Therefore we are searching for persons interested in ICT4D research and willing to blog from conferences to assist us in spreading news from as many interesting events as possible.

Required skills:

  • Interest in ICT4D research and conferences
  • Experience in live-blogging (not imperative)

Support from

  • Up to 50% of registration fees, travel costs and accomodation costs
  • We connect you to possible colleagues of ours and provide you with upfront-information on the speakers

News tracking


To keep track of news, interesting projects and people in ICT4D, it is necessary for us to read lots and lots of internet pages every day. This is a big workload and for us it is not possible to read and filter everything. Therefore we are searching for people interested and experienced in the area to assist in this task and contribute to the ICT4D blog.

Required skills:

  • Experience in the field ICT4D - either project work or research/academic occupation

Wiki Editor

We need help with the Conferences Events page ... gathering information is needed and putting it into the wiki page, well formatted. We have some partner wikis, where content can be structured and exported. Also people speaking or attending this events have to be linked to our People page.

Required skills:

  • Experience in the field ICT4D
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